Cheltenham Township, Elkins Park, Pennsylvania

“After repetitive flooding incidents and numerous vehicle rescues involving “car in the water” calls we knew we needed a better method to close the roads that traditionally flooded. We had tried temporary barricades, police officers directing traffic, while other Townships had tried chain and rope. We did not feel these ideas were sufficient for our needs. One of our Deputy Emergency Management Coordinators found Safe-Crossings and challenged them to help us with our problems. We were the first municipal agency to purchase both 35’ and 50’ gates. Our initial purchase was five Safe-Crossings gates. The gates included installation, instructions, and lighting. These five gates were so successful that we now have a total of 9 gates in service. Prior to the installation of the gates we averaged fourteen dispatches for water/vehicle rescues during a major flooding event. During Hurricanes Irene and Lee and more recently Super Storm Sandy we had zero water rescues in the protected areas. The use of the gates has clearly reduced the dangers to our rescue personnel. During non-emergent time our Township Public Works and parks departments use the gates for tree trimming, road work, and large scale events on park roads.”

“Working with Safe-Crossings for the past seven years has been a pleasure. When problems were found they were quick to respond with a solution. When repairs were required after gates were struck by vehicles their service was prompt and efficient. We believe that Safe-Crossings barrier gates have made our Township safe for both residents, visitors, and our emergency responders.”

Ken Hellendall
Emergency Management Coordinator
Township of Cheltenham
Elkins Park, PA